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Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country situated in the western part of the Balkan Peninsula of Europe.
Sarajevo is the largest city and also its capital. The larger part is Bosnia which occupies the northern and central parts of the country, and Herzegovina in the south and southwestern part of the country. Neighbouring countries include Croatia to the north, west, and south; Serbia to the east; Montenegro to the southeast. It is not completely landlocked, the Adriatic Sea is situated to the south, with a coastline approximately 20 kilometres long, and surrounds the city of Neum. The upper part of Bosnia has a moderate and continental climate. The central and inner east of the country are geographically mountainous, the northwest is moderately hilly, and the northeast is predominantly flatland. The southern region of Herzegovina has a Mediterranean climate and is mostly mountainous.
Tourism has become a great contributor to the Bosnian economy. As a result, Bosnia and Herzegovina has an established tourism industry and a rapidly growing service industry due to strong annual growth in tourist arrivals. The country also benefits from its continuity as a tourist destination all year round, being a popular destination for both summer and winter. Bosnia and Herzegovina is regionally and internationally renowned for its natural beauty and cultural heritage inherited from six historical civilizations, its cuisine, winter sports, unique music, architecture and its festivals, some of which are the largest and most prominent of their kind in south-eastern Europe.


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